Oklahoma Roofing Business and Law - Tabs

Oklahoma Roofing Business and Law; Pre-Printed Tabs

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Includes pre-printed tabs for the following books for the Oklahoma Roofing Business and Law Contractor examination: 

  1. Oklahoma Roofing Contractor Registration Act, Oklahoma Statutes, Title 59, Section 1151  
  2. Oklahoma Roofing Contractor Regulations, Oklahoma Administrative Code, Title 158, Chapter 85   
  3. Oklahoma Lien Law, Oklahoma Statutes, Title 42, Chapter 3,
  4. Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Act, Oklahoma Statutes, Title 85A, Chapter 1
  5. NASCLA Contractors' Guide to Business, Law and Project Management, Basic 14th Edition  

 NOTE: Does not include tabs for the Oklahoma Fine Schedule of the Construction Industries Board, Oklahoma Administrative Code, Title 158, Chapter 10  

Our permanent quick reference tabs will help you navigate quickly through this book during your exam.  These tabs are self-adhesive and must be added at least one-day prior for sufficient adhesive power. 

Please note that the Testing Facility Proctor is the deciding factor on whether or not tabs will be accepted and allowed into the exam. If the tabs do not adhere properly, they will not be accepted.