Florida Plumbing Contractor Trade Exam - Online Exam Prep Course

Florida Plumbing Contractor Trade Exam - Online Exam Prep Course

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Get one step closer to becoming a Florida Plumbing Contractor with a prep course designed by 1ExamPrep to help you conquer the required Plumbing Contractors Trade Knowledge exam.

Use a blended, self-study and virtual class structure to tailor your prep to your individual learning style. Course includes:

  • 1 year access to online course and live instructor-led virtual classes*
  • Highlighting and tabbing location for each required book, so you can quickly and easily reference your materials during the exam
  • Practice questions printable PDF format and timed simulated computer-based format
  • Testing taking techniques that are an indispensable part of these open-book exams

Android and iOS Compatible - Complete the course on your phone, anytime or anywhere.

 *Virtual class is covering books only, in-person isometrics class not included with purchase of the course


    A Florida Plumbing Contractor is a contractor whose services are unlimited in the plumbing trade and includes contracting business consisting of the execution of contracts requiring the experience, financial means, knowledge, and skill to install, maintain, repair, alter, extend, or, if not prohibited by law, design plumbing.

    A plumbing contractor may install, maintain, repair, alter, extend, or, if not prohibited by law, design the following without obtaining an additional local regulatory license, certificate, or registration: sanitary drainage or storm drainage facilities, water and sewer plants and substations, venting systems, public or private water supply systems, septic tanks, drainage and supply wells, swimming pool piping, irrigation systems, and solar heating water systems and all appurtenances, apparatus, or equipment used in connection therewith, including boilers and pressure process piping and including the installation of water, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and related venting, and storm and sanitary sewer lines.

    The scope of work of the plumbing contractor also includes the design, if not prohibited by law, and installation, maintenance, repair, alteration, or extension of air-piping, vacuum line piping, oxygen line piping, nitrous oxide piping, and all related medical gas systems; fire line standpipes and fire sprinklers if authorized by law; ink and chemical lines; fuel oil and gasoline piping and tank and pump installation, except bulk storage plants; and pneumatic control piping systems, all in a manner that complies with all plans, specifications, codes, laws, and regulations applicable. The scope of work of the plumbing contractor applies to private property and public property, including any excavation work incidental thereto, and includes the work of the specialty plumbing contractor. Such contractor shall subcontract, with a qualified contractor in the field concerned, all other work incidental to the work but which is specified as being the work of a trade other than that of a plumbing contractor.

    A plumbing contractor may perform drain cleaning and clearing and install or repair rainwater catchment systems; however, a mandatory licensing requirement is not established for the performance of these specific services.


    Six months of in-person and virtual plumbing book classes held every 3rd Wednesday of the month are included with the price of the course : (isometrics are not covered in this class)

    Plumbing Book Class: every 3rd Wednesday

    • Time: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

    In-person isometrics classes held the 4th Monday of every month are not included with the price of the course and are available at an additional cost. Please call for more information 954-210-3030. 

    Isometric Class: every 4th Monday (not included with price of course)

    • Time: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
    • Time: 6:00 pm - 10: 00 pm